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Birthdate:Oct 20
Location:United States of America
I'm Silvain. I write fanfiction, stories using Sims 2, and occasionally original stuff (which will likely be locked entirely, as I can be quite paranoid). I also tend to ramble about various things that are on my mind, including but not limited to- the various facts and issues of my life, a number of television shows/movies/books/whatever I'm interested in most at the moment, various writing-y analyses and whatnot about characters and plot [often tying into whatever fandom I'm most interested in at the time, though Harry Potter and Supernatural are the most common ones], and occasionally the joys of good food (I have a strong fondness for cooking food, and a stronger fondness for eating it).

Other things likely to come up are Political Issues (because I can't keep my mouth shut when outraged) and similar topics, cars (because I'm slightly car-obsessed), and werewolves (occasionally in contexts that may make me seem mildly insane).

I can also be found on LJ at and, on at (warning- most of those are crap, I'm just too lazy to take them down), on AO3 at, on tumblr at or, and various other places under various versions of the name 'Silvain'.
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